Kenneth R. Bereski II has lived on Miami Beach since 2005.  For nearly 10 years he ran a small IT consulting business serving consumers and small business around Miami Dade county, as well as volunteering for local environmental causes.  Bereski travelled to all of his clients on his bicycle, and learned very quickly how dangerous local roadways can be.  With the goal of improving road safety he began to get involved with the city and civic organizations on the beach.

Frustrated that there seemed to be little progress, he kept pushing forward.  Unfortunately his concerns were met with significant resistance.  Crashes and hit and runs often left him with road rash or damaged equipment, but he found little help with local police or the city commission.  In January of 2015, Bereski was unlawfully arrested by the Miami Beach Police Department.  While the charges were thrown out by the judge the next morning, Miami Beach has yet to conduct a proper investigation of the incident despite Bereski’s constant requests to do so.  Instead, the response from local government seems to be slandering Bereski’s name further.

Later that year, Bereski was the victim of a serious hit and run on Collins Avenue.  The resulting spinal and neurological issues left Bereski unable to run his business for over a year, costing him his client base and effectively his livelihood.  Yet Miami Beach Police charged the driver only with causing ‘property damage’, and the Miami State Attorneys Office plea bargained the charges away… leaving Bereski on the hook for the devastating consequences of a distracted or homicidal driver.

As he continues to heal, Bereski believes this is the perfect opportunity to serve his local community.  With no real business left to run, the position of Mayor would be Bereski’s full time job.  He is excited about dedicating his full efforts into making Miami Beach a safe and enjoyable place to live and work, as well as continuing his long standing support of environmental causes.

Bereski grew up in the northeast, and graduated from Boston College before the climate drew him south.  After his first South Beach winter, he can’t imagine ever leaving.