Commitment to Positivity

Yesterday afternoon Michael Grieco, a fellow candidate for Mayor of Miami Beach, withdrew his candidacy due to ‘mudslinging’.  There will be no change in my campaign as a result.

As a candidate for Mayor of Miami Beach, I was never running *against* Michael Grieco.  I still am not running *against* Dan Gelber or Daniel Kahn.  There will be no campaign mudslinging from this camp, ever.

This campaign is *for* the citizens of Miami Beach.  It is *for* transparancy, accountability and progress.  That will never change.

Certainly, Mr. Grieco and I don’t see eye to eye on everything.  Yet I appreciate and respect the positive contributions he has made.  Whichever side of the dais the voters place the two of us come November, I look forward to many future meetings with him at city hall.

Mr. Gelber and Mr. Kahn: the three of us have unique experiences to bring to the office of Mayor.  I look forward to productive and positive debate as we share our respective visions with voters, so that they may select one of us based upon our merits.