Why are you running for Mayor?

Imagine what this city could become with ethical leadership?  Our current path doesn’t seem to be leading that way.  Opposing views seem to be silenced way to often.  The cities current vision is the vision of a few.  It should be the vision of the entire community.  So someone has to step up.

Why you?

Well, quite simply: they haven’t killed me yet.  Yes. They threatened to.  They violently and unlawfully arrested me.  They’ve slandered my name.  But I’ve stood up to it, and I will continue to do so.  We need a strong leader who can weather the storm.  Who can handle the underhanded tactics they employ against him.  They’ve tried, and tried, and tried again to silence me.  But I’m still here

What if they do kill you?

I’d rather die standing up, than live on my knees

What are you talking about?

My campaign is about far more than just cycling advocacy.  Yet it was my near-death experiences on the road that first got me involved.  More information about that is on my Bike Another Day YouTube channel.  In apparent retaliation for my speaking up about cycling I was unlawfully arrested in 2015.  Despite my constant requests, the City of Miami Beach has yet to conduct a proper investigation.  Instead the city continues attempting to discredit me.  On behalf of myself, and all other residents whose concerns have been suppressed, I will continue to speak out

What is your campaign about?

It’s time for change.  For disruption and dissent.  Politics as usual is not benefitting the people.  I will break the molds and infuse new blood and ideas into our government.  I will challenge the status quo, the norms of our systems.  I will fight to establish an improved government which listens to the concerns of everyone, and acts to their advantage

Why should I support you?

I’m not here for bragging rights or to make friends.  I’m here to do the right thing.  I won’t make empty promises or just tell you what you want to hear.  I guarantee you that if you elect me Mayor – I will disagree with you at some point.  I promise you two things: I will always do what I believe is in the best interests of the city as a whole, and I will always be open to listening and discussing issues with anyone who has a logical argument – regardless of whether I agree personally.

Outlandish example, since I don’t drive… it would be in my best interests to just outright ban cars on the beach.  But that would be the most foolish decision ever.  While cars are not the solution to all transit needs, there are times when they are appropriate and needed.  Dismissing the needs of many just because it won’t help me… thats not the right thing to do.

You may agree or disagree with me on various issues.  You can always trust that I have all of our interests placed first