Why waste your money on campaign mud-slinging?  Over $1,500,000 will be thrown around so a few can have Mayor of Miami Beach or Commissioner on their business cards. Wouldn’t that money be better spent preserving the ecosystem that holds South Florida together?  Wouldn’t it be better spent improving our quality of life *NOW*?

Don’t throw away your hard earned money.  Donate directly to local non profits who have been, and will continue to do good for Miami Beach regardless of politics.  This list is by no means exhaustive, and you can find all your options on the IRS website.  Please let us know if you can recommend other worthy local causes.  Your donations will be handled entirely by Crowdrise and beyond their (transparent) service fees, will go entirely to the selected non-profit.  The #voteBereski campaign has no vested interest in any of these specific charities, our interest is simply the concept that we can all help each other and that the listed organizations are based in our area and benefit our area.

Kenneth R. Bereski II for Mayor of Miami Beach does not accept financial contributions.  If you believe in what we are doing, we’d love to have your support with volunteer time and useful in-kind contributions.  Let’s get to work now and make Miami Beach a better place.  No need to wait until November.