Our city has been squandering it’s greatest asset: us.  Miami Beach is populated by some of the best and the brightest in all variety of fields, many of whom want to get involved.  Rather than silencing them, we need to encourage this involvement.  Our city will thrive as a community, and I’ll make sure our government supports this.


We need a government that takes responsibility for its actions.  City officials, employees, police officers, contractors… all need to be held to the highest standards.


Our government seems to operate in the dark way too often.  Commission agenda titles are sometimes misleading, if things even show up there.  It seems you need to sacrifice your entire life to staying on top of whats going on.  We need more ways for citizen involvement, not less.


We can continue and enhance our environmental adaptations.  Miami Beach is at great risk, but working together we can mitigate that and prosper as a city.


Improving the safety of our roadways for all users.  Restoring trust in our police department.  Reducing crime.  Building a citywide community that can trust and support each other.  These are all attainable goals.

Quality of Life

We have a diverse mix of residential and commercial interests here in Miami Beach.  We need to find ways to find common ground.  We can have a thriving nightlife and tourism industry as well as a peaceful residential community.  We just need to come to the table and work things out.  Mutual respect can go a long way.

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