Miami Beach Cyclist Beat Up By Cops; Runs For Mayor

Kenneth R. Bereski II launches campaign for Mayor of Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, July 26, 2017 — As incidents of police abuses continue across the nation, Kenneth R. Bereski II announced his intent to run for Mayor.of Miami Beach, the very city whose police violated his constitutional rights.  Bereski, a longtime road safety and cycling advocate, has been subjected to years of apparent bullying and retaliation from city personnel in response to his efforts.  Although all charges filed against him were quickly dismissed by the County Court, the City of Miami Beach has continued to dismiss Bereski’s request for an investigation into the unlawful behavior surrounding his arrest, as well as his road safety concerns.  In an effort to prevent other citizens from being subjected to the same abusive behaviors, Bereski today announced his intent to run for Mayor

“Years ago when I moved to South Beach I believed it to be the sexy, chic place you see in the media.  Unfortunately, living here has exposed me to a darker reality – a place seemingly devoid of ethics and integrity.”  says Bereski.  “This place has so much potential, and it’s about time we fix some of our many problems and move forward as a city.”

Bereski’s platform focuses on accountability and transparency, two issues he believes the city struggles with.  Miami Beach has been faced with many corruption, ethical and policing scandals over the years.  Concerning his plans for the city, Bereski offers: “As Mayor, I would demand a government that is transparent and accountable.  Citizens could speak without fear of retaliation, and could be confident that their safety and quality of life is one of our top priorities.  Here in the United States, we have constitutional rights that are guaranteed – unfortunately local government seems to have forgotten that.  It is my mission to make sure that those rights are upheld for all”

For more information regarding Bereski and his campaign, visit or call (786) 505-4KEN